Berner Machine Labs, founded in 1996 by Klaus Berner, is devoted to producing high-end precision metalwork for art and industry. From precisely machined components to unique mechanisms we provide the design, engineering and craftsmanship necessary to ensure that aesthetic form and smooth function meld seamlessly into work that captures the art of mechanical movement.

With a full machine shop and a network of technical experts, we take on an array of projects that in some way need to fit, click, spin, or move. Projects range from interactive exhibits and kinetic displays to precision machined components and movements, and often include the integration of multiple crafts and technologies. We are also experienced in historic restoration and reproduction of precision instruments and mechanisms.

We specialize in assignments that combine precision mechanical design and a concern for aesthetics as well as those demanding detailed metalwork and challenging fabrication solutions. We can provide electronic and software integration on projects when required.

Our clients include: children's and science museums, universities, exhibition companies, engineers, architects, and designers. Our work has been seen in the Tom Hanks’ film ?Road to Perdition,? and featured in New York Times, National Public Radio, and Hour Detroit magazine.